She, Surprise and Surgery

Life is full of surprises and miracles, don't you agree? OK, let me tell you a story. It happened about 10 months ago,  I was having mild abdominal pain, I did not really care as it was not severe pain, but my mother was not OK with that, she forced me to consult the doctor,... Continue Reading →

What is Whipple Procedure?

Whipple Surgery is done to remove pancreatic tumors, it is the most complex procedure which takes 5-7 hours to complete it. It should be performed by experts, this procedure is done to remove pancreatic head, the duodenum, the bile duct, the gall bladder, sometimes some part of the stomach is also removed, so you are... Continue Reading →

A Silver Pen

A couple celebrates their 25th wedding anniversary, and that day they shared their beautiful story with their children, “About 25 years ago parents of this couple arranged a meeting for this couple They both spoke on the phone after their parents wished them to be together But, the boy was not really interested to get... Continue Reading →

The Best Gift

I always try to hold you But you run away from me You just allow me to use you But never stay with me I always want to convince you You still don’t’ listen to me You always help me to turn my dreams into reality I know you are really precious If you leave... Continue Reading →

The Power of Acceptance

It's OK to be alone It's OK to say goodbye to your loved ones It's OK to die when it's time It's OK to have flaws It's OK to miss opportunities It's OK to face challenges in your career It's OK when things aren't going as you planned It's OK to feel defeated It's OK... Continue Reading →


Everyone was running around, she was waiting for her medical reports to come! After a while, she got her reports, after seeing those medical reports she kept silence, closed her eyes and started thinking…. “I never cared my mother like she did, she cooked delicious food for me, but I never cooked anything for her,... Continue Reading →

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